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As part of the whirlwind of renewed activity....
Bapton Books Imprint
Bapton Books' position paper on the US presidential election is available.

On Sunday, October 29...
I had the privilege of speaking on Titanic to the Darien (CT) Historical Society. I was to have flown home Monday morning. Well, Greetings From Connecticut, because I'm still here. With the new book in the last lap and me rarely with internet access, Gerv is coping, so I suspect you'll see very little of either of the principals of Bapton Books here for a time. Try to conceal your disappointment.

Free speech & its enemies: Bapton Books Position Papers series

Our first Position Paper of the series is now available. Due to the importance of the topic, it is free of charge.

‘Free speech, and freedom of the press and of publication as its corollary, to the very outermost limits necessary to an orderly society under law, is an absolute human right possessed of everyone on this spinning globe, and ought to be the basic presumption and fiercely-defended birthright of each of us.’ … ‘There is no “right” not to be offended.’

The partners in Bapton Books here issue a call to arms in defence of the right to think, speak, publish, and be heard, freely and without censorship.


Bapton Books Position Papers, commonly authored by the partners and publishers of Bapton Books, jointly or severally, are made available free of charge (in many cases), or at a nominal charge, to the reading public and all those interested in the affairs of the day.

They are issued to inform, to question, to educate, to assert propositions for argument, to challenge, to analyse, and, always, to spark useful and intelligent debate.

Commissioning now.
Bapton Books Imprint
The Bapton's Brief Lives series:

MSS solicited: 45000 – 55000 words, in English, as a view and life / potted popular (but sound) biography of any influential historical person you care to essay (advise first so no two authors take the same assignment; multiple volumes welcome). MSP reserves Houston, Washington, Lee, and Stonewall Jackson; GMWW reserves Alfred the Great, Churchill, Izaak Walton, and Wellington. Send us your proposals. Calibre ought to equal Keegan on Winston for Penguin, GKC on Aquinas, &c.

As each accepted work is to be offered as Print on Demand and e-pub / Kindle, and because Bapton is not undertaking the sort of editing and publishing tasks associated with non-POD bricks-and-mortar publishing, authors’ royalties, passing through Bapton’s accounts, will be whatever Amazon / KDP/ CreateSpace / Lulu sets, less 2.5% for our formatting, design, listing, and featuring in catalogue.

Your subjects want to be persons about whom you feel passionately, for good or ill, whom you can write of fairly and somewhat dispassionately, and for whom you can make a case as having been an Important Figure (and, in the Sellar-and-Yeatman sense, Memorable).

The Green series shall cover Antiquity, defined for these purposes as the period to 410 CE (the Rescript to Britannia and the Sack of Rome). The Blue series is to cover the period from 410 CE to Bosworth, 1485. The Red, of course, continues on from that. We should be very happy indeed and particularly interested to examine proposals for MSS not centred upon Western Europe, the British Isles, North America, the Hellenic and post-Hellenic Med, and the Roman Republic and Empire.

Think outside the … Box Tunnel; Brunel, obviously, but what about Steinmetz? Tesla is all very well, but how about Rumford, and Humboldt? You take the meaning, we trust.


New release.
When my father died in April, 2010, he left behind manuscripts in various stages of completion: a novella, a short story, and four unfinished works.

Texas "with the bark off": straight and true.

All are set in Reconstruction-era Texas.

    “Anything interestin’ happenin’ over in Stockton?” 
    “Well, Jim Ed’s ol’ ridin’ partner, ‘Midnight’ Charley Elliott, died whiles I was over there.” 
    “Really?” asked Jim Ed. “How’d he die?” 
    “Fell,” came the laconic answer. 
    “How far did he fall?” 
    “About five foot,” replied Madden. 
    “Surprisin’ a li’l ol’ five foot tumble would kill a healthy feller like Charley,” opined Barstow.
    “Well, Jim Ed, we have to remember that that hemp neckerchief he was a-wearin’ at the time, had ten, twelve inches, maybe less, slack than that to it.” 

All are now available in one volume.


and print on demand trade paper.

A new collection.
Bapton Books Imprint
When does the year begin? Well: that rather depends: on who you are, and where. The Church kalendar – like the academic, which is hewn of the ecclesiastical – begins after the harvest-tide, with Advent, a time of preparation, light kindling and shining forth even as darkness gathers. The countryman’s calendar is governed by the rhythms of the earth, of sowing and of harvest. The angler’s year, the shooting man’s, the hunter’s, all these are in the disposition of God – or Nature, if you fancy yourself allergic to God – even as is the countryman’s.
... We all of us live in sprung rhythm.

Life in sprung rhythm.

Sample Sunday: the Titanic and All That
Bapton Books Imprint
For this Sample Sunday, excerpts from, and links to, all Bapton Books titles - including  the new Titanic history - are at Scribd.

I am rejoiced to say:
Bapton Books Imprint
There is now a dedicated Bapton Books website.

And the Titanic book is already in the top 100 in two categories at YankAmazon. I attribute this entirely to the kindness of Jas Delingpole and Our Own Dear Shezan.

Sample Sunday: preview of the new Titanic history.
Bapton Books Imprint

Sample Sunday: When That Great Ship Went Down
Take a gander.


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