Bapton Books: a Very Small Imprint

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To sum up: the news today....
Bapton Books Imprint
wemyss wrote in baptonbooks

Or, Why We Have Been Absent.

On All Hallows Eve 2014, Mr Pyle suffered a heart attack, and, on 7 November, underwent a treble bypass surgery. (Mr Pyle asks that I clarify: he remains a bass-baritone, not a treble. It was not that sort of surgery.) During his ongoing recovery and medical leave...

  • I have taken on many of the administrative duties at Bapton Books in his stead;

  • I am finishing up Evensong, the sequel to Cross and Poppy;

That last project is one I have mentioned once or twice before now, but is now very much to the fore: Britain By the Slice, in two volumes, along a gridline North to South and along another East to West.


It now has a Kickstarter appeal which I advert you to; we should be greatly obliged for any assistance.

I hope, when pressure of work somewhat more readily permits, to be more visible here.


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