Bapton Books: a Very Small Imprint

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It falls to me to make The Announcement here, and I’m glad it does.
mshawpyle wrote in baptonbooks
Gerv’s novel – Cross and Poppy, the first in the Village Tales series – is out. It’s available as an Amazon Kindle edition. It’s being made available in trade paper (and is already thus available directly, here). It’s at Smashwords; and in the coming days, it’ll propagate to Apple, Diesel, Kobo, Oyster, B&N, and all the rest. We’ll tell you when it does.

Obviously, I read it in MS; watched it develop; ran a blue pencil over drafts. And I’m right proud to be associated with it.

If you look at the sites where it’s being sold, you’ll see the sales and marketing copy; and it’s true. But if you were to ask me, personally, I’d describe it in my own way. If you took Miss Read’s villagers; Barbara Pym’s Jane-like gentry; Trollope’s clerics; and a Plum Wodehouse duke; made them all realistic (without losing Plum’s humour); and dropped them in the modern world with modern problems, what you’d get is what Gerv’s written. Up to y’all, and everyone’s tastes differ, but (speaking as a longtime fan of Miss Read, Barbara Pym, Barsetshire, and Blandings Castle) I think it just may leave your ankles as exposed to a draft as mine, because in my view, it’ll knock your socks off.

Also - and this will furnish some samples, too - we do have a tumblr now, in case you had not heard.


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